Grounds Maintenance

We perform services at the optimal time to achieve maximum health and appearance of the turf, flowers, plants, bushes, shrubs, and trees. We maintain plants, trees, shrubs, ground cover, and lawns in a manner that prolongs life and sustains a healthy appearance.

We proudly offer professional grounds maintenance services:

Mow turf

Aerate/plug turf

Apply crab grass pre-emergent

Fertilize grass

Apply herbicide and pesticide

Install/replenish mulch

Trim bushes and shrubs

Trim, remove dead foliage, and remove dead branches from trees

Flower bed maintenance

Irrigation system inspection

Our grounds maintenance practices help prevent pollution by reducing fertilizer and pesticide to protect the environment, using integrated pest management techniques, mulching and composting, maintaining storm water best management practices, and minimizing runoff.

We employ erosion and sediment control and follow industry best practices, such as temporary and permanent seeding, mulching, earth dikes, silt fencing, sediment traps and basins, and use recovered organic materials for fertilizer whenever possible.

Our grounds management approach preserves and protects native plants and wildlife, and support habitats for pollinators, including honeybees, native bees, birds, bats, and butterflies.

Tree maintenance is performed by certified arborists. Our service complies with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards, ANSI Z133.1, as well as State and local regulations.


Our snow and ice removal program includes removing snow and ice from entrances, steps, landings, sidewalks, garage entrances, sally port entrances, loading dock lanes, and building approaches. We provide pre-treatment, active removal, and post treatment services.

We clear snow and ice during normal building operating hours, and after operating hours if desired. Snow or ice occurring outside of normal building operating hours will be removed by your designated time.

Equipment we use includes 4×4 truck w/plow/spreader, front-end loader, backhoe, bobcat, snowplow, dump truck, and pay loader.

We provide you a detailed snow removal plan detailing our:

Communication plan.



Snow removal event trigger.

Treatment areas requiring de-icing.

Approved materials and chemicals.

Safety plan.

Chemicals and/or sand are used to reduce safety hazards due to ice and snow. All chemicals are certified as EPA ‘Safer Choice.’ Products without the Safer Choice certification comply with federal specifications and local codes.

Sodium chloride or calcium chloride salt is not used due to environmental risk. We prefer less disruptive chemicals such as magnesium chloride, potassium acetate, and potassium chloride.

We use caution to prevent damage to the buildings, grounds, vegetation, landscape areas, sidewalks, roads, fire hydrants, shrubs, and signs located on your property.

Our company carefully observes all locally prescribed safety regulations, laws, and practices during performance of our services.